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What size are clown shoes ?


The size of the clown shoe depends on the size of foot, it was designed for.  Not the actual length / size of  the outside of the shoe.


My clown shoes are a size 10  extra wide, because they were designed to fit my size ten extra wide feet, but the length/ size of the out size of the shoe is a 24 extra extra extra wide


It's kind like a regular shoe with a clown shoe built around it


All of the extra space in the clown shoe is not hollow but filled with some kind of padding, so that the shoe feels like it has a real foot (that large) inside of them


On the really good clown shoes, the sole is build so that only the part of the sole  with the real foot in touches the ground. the rest of the sole is bent up a little bit, so that it does not touch the ground.


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