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Rubber Clown Shoes

Here is a picture of red and yellow rubber hobo clown shoes.  You should be able to find them in many colors and styles.

Some will have some toes exposed, like this picture and other will not have toes exposed, like the

bottom picture of the red and white clown shoes.

They are made of rubber and are not going to last you very long. The better ones are made of thick rubber.  Rubber clown shoes they tend to last a little longer than Plastic Clown Shoes.

They tend to come in the standard "one size fits all clowns" foot size. red and white clown shoes

They should cost from $20 to $45 dollars and can found at most of the better costume shops around the world.

Several of the costume web sites or costume shops that sell Rubber Clown Shoes are listed in the the costume menu item to the left.

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