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Professional Clown Shoes

Clown shoes range in value from five dollars to five hundred dollars. How should you spend your dollars on your clown shoes ?

There are three factors on why clown shoes cost more or less. They are the materials used , custom / stock sizing, and where it was made.

Leather Clown Shoes

Most good Clown shoes are leather. It's a more expensive material to buy and harder to work with than cloth, plastic, latex, or other materials.


Custom Clown Shoes 

The second factor is if the clown shoe is custom or stock. Stock shoe made-be found in a "one size fits all"  or maybe found in just a "regular shoe size". These clowns shoes will be limited in color and style. While "custom" shoe can be found in almost any color or style you could ever think of.


Clowns shoes in the "one size fits all" category tend to be cheaper that the "regular shoe size" category.  While the "custom" shoes cost the most. 


Custom leather clown shoes should cost in range of $200 to $500


Where it's made

The third factor is where the clown shoe is made. Some locations have a higher cost of living than other locations. If the cobbler lives in Boston, they will charge more than if they live in Mexico City.


So what should you do ?

Buy the best clown shoe you can afford. A good leather clown shoe will last a long time, be  a "one site fits all" clown shoe or a "custom" clown shoe.  Or you could make your own clown shoes

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