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Plastic Clown shoes

Here are some pictures of red and black plastic clown shoes. You should be able to find them in red, yellow, blue and black colors.


They are made of thin PVC plastic and are not going to last you very long, but they should last for a party or two.


They tend to come in the standard "one size fits all clowns" foot size.


They should cost from $10 to $35 dollars and can found at most Clown or costume shops.


Several web sites or costume shops that sell Plastic Clown Shoes are listed in the the costume shop menu item to the left.

They tend to be rather plain, with just one color of plastic.


Consider decorating the clown shoe to get that "one of a kind" clown shoes.

  • color them with bright paint

  • Then add some stripes

  • Or some polka dots

  • Or glue on some little items, like plastic flowers (something that relates to your clown's character)



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