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Other things called Clown Shoes

When looking around the Internet, you will find things other than shoes, called Clown Shoes or Clown Shoe. Like slang statement or a band or a song or two.

Clown Shoes

Some of the slang dictionaries, think that the term "clown shoe" can mean one of the following things:

  • A person who tries too hard to gain the social acceptance of others
  • A person who has made a terrible mistake.
  • An insult inferring that the receiver is a walking joke
  • something done blatantly stupid

Clown Shoes

The "Clown Shoes" song  is one of Johnny Burnette's 25 greatest hits..


Clown Shoe

The "Clown Shoe" song  is a song and album from Warren Malone 


Clown Shoe Motorsports

There is a racing team out of Dallas Texas with the name of Clown Shoe Motorsports.


Clown Shoe Case

A common name for mandolin cases



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