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Protecting your footwear investment

Leather Clown Shoes

The finest clown shoes are made of leather.

There are three major levels of clown shoes. As you go up in levels, the shoe value and the shoe cost go up


One Size fits All

One Size shoes are shoes that are already made and will fit almost any size of foot. Some people call them, "one size fits all" or more correct "one size fits most". 


One size fits men's sizes 8-13, women's 8 and up. The clown shoe is approximately 12" long inside. People with small feet sizes can wear with a stuffing in the toe and / or  a gel insole inside.

The fit is in the lacing, so lace them snugly through the heel and the ankle of the clown shoe for a proper fit.


Stock or Ready Made

Ready Made or Stock leather clown shoes are shoes that are already made for a certain size of foot. They are a good comprise between the one size and the custom. And the price and fit should reflect that fact. 



 A custom-made clown shoe is a clown shoe made only for you. Each one is unlike any other shoe in the world, even the one on your other foot.


 It's construction takes into account all your special conditions and needs, including your body structure, health, and what you want to use it for.


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