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Hospital Clown Shoes

For the Hospital

Often in the hospital setting, the majority of entertaining is done one-on-one at the patient’s bedside. This means that the traditional oversized clown shoes are usually hazardous with the maze of cords, tubes and equipment in the average hospital room.


So what can I do ?

Sneakers and tennis shoe styles offer colorful choices, different styles and prices. Based on our experience, we have found Converse high-tops and regular-style athletic shoes in some amazing colors, designs and combinations to be just the ticket for our clowns and characters.


In addition to a great fresh and fun look, the added benefit to the performer wearing these shoes is their comfort. In the hospital, clowns do a lot of walking around on Clown Rounds!


Hygiene is always a concern in the healthcare setting, so it is very important, that the shoes are also easily washable.


Where to get them

Consider shopping online at  with “6pm,” a division of Zappos.


Here is the link for

To help you make a selection, a “search” feature on the website helps you narrow your choice down, from their ever changing voluminous inventory!


A Word to the Wise

If you find a shoe you like, be sure to purchase it when you see it. The 6pm site features super deals, so the inventory moves quickly and disappears, when sold out


Have you discovered or used a clever way to create clown shoes for your clown character ?


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