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Many differant styles of Custom Clown Shoes


There is just not one style of clown shoes, however most clown shoes can be classified in to one of two common styles: HI Top and Mary Jane.  


And then you have several choices when  defining your shoe. From picking the length of the shoe, the shape of the shoe sole, the shape of the shoe toe, the Quarter,  and even when picking  



  • Street length - same length as regular shoes
  • Shorty - an inch longer than street length
  • Mini - roughly thirteen inches long 
  • Petite - roughly fifteen inches long 
  • Full  - roughly eighteen inches long 

Shape of Shoe Sole

  • Canoe - a long straight clown shoe that is five to seven inches wide.
  • Lollipop  - a long clown shoe that is two to three inches wider than a canoe or eight to ten inches wide.

Shape of Toe

  • Lollipop - a more rounded (like a lollipop) toe, flatter than a bubble top
  • Bubble Toe - a more rounded toe with a top shaped like a bubble in the front
  • Wing Tip - the toe has two layers of leather at the front of the shoe
  • Jester - a shoe with a pointy toe pointing up or maybe in a curve

Quarter (how high the shoe is at the ankle)

  • Extra Hi-Top  -  five to six inches  higher than regular shoe height
  • Hi-Top - two to three inches  higher than regular shoe height
  • Regular - regular shoe height
  • Low - lower  than regular shoe height


  • Breakaway or Velcro Quick Release -  shoe is designed to be quickly removed
  • Crushproof toes - toe area of shoe strengthen by a protective steel toe
  • Patent Leather - shoe is made with very shiny leather that does not need to be polished

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