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CrÍpe vs Leather Soles

What's the advantages/disadvantages in having a leather sole vs a rubber sole? I notice most of the higher end shoes come with leather soles, so there must be some good reason for it.

I have found that the leather soles tend last longer for most people and provide stronger foundation for the clown shoe.


While the crÍpe soles on clown shoes tend to be more comfortable but wear out faster.

CrÍpe vs Leather Soles

CrÍpe rubber is a crude form of natural rubber. One of the most common applications of crÍpe rubber is in the manufacture of soles for footwear.


Many manufacturers of rubber soles will offer different types of soles, each with a different amount of thickness. The cost for the crÍpe rubber soles will vary, depending on the exact ingredients used to create the crÍpe rubber.


In most cases, crÍpe rubber tends to stand up to a great deal of wear and tear, as well as providing comfort and protection for the individual wearing the clown shoes.

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