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Anatomy of a Clown Shoe

A shoe is composed of many different parts.


The key to finding a shoe that properly fits your foot is to understand the basics of shoe construction.


Once you know the basics, you can choose intelligently from among the thousands of available styles for your clown shoes..

The tip is the tip of the shoe that provides space for the toes. The toe box may be rounded or pointed, Do not select a shoe with too narrow of a toe box.

The vamp is the upper middle part of the shoe where the laces are commonly placed.

The sole consists of an insole and an outsole, The insole is inside the shoe where the foot rests; the outsole is the bottom of the shoe that contacts the ground and helps determine traction. The softer the sole, the greater the shoe's ability to absorb shock.

The heel is the bottom part of the shoe that provides elevation. The higher the heel, the greater the pressure on the front of the foot.

The foxing is the covering of the lower heel

The quarter is the covering of the ankle

The back stay is the narrow covering at the back of the foot

The last is the part of the shoe that curves in slightly near the arch of the foot to conform to the average foot shape.

The upper is the leather or synthetic part of the shoe that encases the foot. Uppers come in many styles; it is important to choose the upper best suited to your foot type.

Remember the material from which the shoe is made can affect the fit and comfort of the shoe. Softer materials can decrease the amount of pressure the shoe places on the foot.

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