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How to walk in Clown Shoes

Walking the first time in clown shoes can be a bit tricky, at first. But after practicing for a few minutes, you should be able to walk just fine in your clown shoes.

  1. Get your clown shoes
  2. Put them on
  3. Stand up
  4. Start walking


The clown shoes are made so the sole is bent upwards at the edges, so that only part of sole actually touches the ground. The part of the sole that touch the ground corresponds to the actual foot of the wearer.


 This is sometimes called "Rocker" design, allowing the clown shoe to to rock back and forth to prevent stumbling, when walking in the clown shoe.


If your clown shoes are wider than your regular shoes, you may need turn the toes of the shoes slightly out when you walk.


If your clown shoes are longer than your regular shoes, you may need to take longer steps to account for the longer shoe.


Try not to drag your feet and wear out your soles of your clown shoes.


Since it takes more effort to walk in very large clown shoes, some clown have clown shoes that are a smaller length to walk in parades 

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