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How to recycle clown shoes


The leather uppers (top part) of your clown shoes can last a very long time. Far more than the soles (bottom)  will last.


A new set of sole on your clown shoes will let you use them for another two or three years for a small investment of $50 to $150 dollars.


If you look around your local mall or stores or downtown, you should be able to find a local cobbler that can repair your clown shoes for a faction of the cost that it take to replace them.


Check out the cobbler that make clown shoes, they can also also repair them.

Give yourself comfort advantage by picking some new crepe soles for your clown shoes! Crepe sole shoes beat leather by a mile for walking and standing comfort. Crepe absorbs shock and cushions - perfect for the clown who lives in their clown shoes. Crepe soles make your clown shoe lightweight and more flexible, for walking in parades and do walk around performance comfort


So get some comfortable clown shoes by recycling your current shoes.


So green and recycle those clown shoes.

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