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How to make clown shoes fit better

In a perfect place, every pair of clown shoes, that we have, would be comfortable right out of the box and fit our feet like a good pair of socks.


While that should happen with the $600 custom made pair of clown shoes, it may not happen to you, if you have not have a good fitting clown shoe.


When a shoe does not fit, it does not mean that the clown shoes were made poorly. Most of the time it just means that your foot does not match your shoe. Very few people have a perfect size 7 or a size 8 in length and / or your feet may be a little wider than a D width. 

Ask a shoe repair store to stretch or soften your clown shoes, if they are too tight. Shoes can be stretched by putting them on a wooden last or shoe tree for a while. And there may be leather products that can be applied to soften the shoe leather, so that it stretches a little bit.

Insert a thin foam insole into the shoe to take up some room if your shoe feels too big in the shoe.

Press an adhesive felt tongue pad to the tongue of your shoe to help keep your foot in place if the shoe is too big.

Adhere a heel grip, a U-shaped foam piece with adhesive backing, to the heel of your shoe if your slip-ons gap. This will help keep your heel in place and help prevent blisters from your foot rubbing against your shoe.

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